MD-4080 High Sensitivity Underground Metal Detector With 7.8\


Produce Information :

MD-4080,This detector offers new and exclusive technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets in shallow water hunting, beach hunting, and more

1.Discrimination-Iron, pull ring, zinc and coppers

2.Pinpoint- Be patient, and operated as description above

3.High sensitivity-good useful to help find valuable items.

4.Waterproof- adjustable stem and the search coil

5.Low battery indicator- Red spotlight


High Sensitive: Metal Detector adopts the advanced features and class-leading performance, it will emit "beep and dig" sounds when it reach the metal objects, ensure you can easily to find the metal objects.

Three Modes: Underground Metal Detector comes with three modes: DISC, ALL METAL and PINPOINT, different modes for different types of magnetic and conductive metals, like coins, relics, jewellery, gold and silver.

Discrimination Function: Smartly discriminates the metal type or the unwanted units with 3 different tones under DISC Mode, more precise and more smart

Water Resistance and Adjustable Stem: The stem and coil at the end of the metal detector are waterproof and adjustable, you can adjust the detector's length for comfortable use(Max:108cm/42.5in; Min:78cm/30.7in), can be used for both kids and Adults.

Headphone Jack and Adjustable Volume: The Metal Detector has 3.5mm universal headphone jack, you can connect different headphone(Not Included) with the Metal Detector and adjust volume to fit for different environments.


Color :Black, Yellow

Stretch Length: 30 – 42 inches

Battery :2 X 9 V (6 F22 Rechargeable battery not included)

Working voltage: 9 V

Basic Sensitivity: Adjustable

Search coil :Waterproof , interchangeable

Indication Modes : indicator & Sound Indicator

Products include:

1 x controller housing

1 x Stem

1 x Search Coil & cable

1 x Wing Nut & Threaded Bolt

1 x arm supporter

1 x English Manual

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