Metal Detector Professional Underground Gold Scanner Depth 2.5m Treasure Hunter Finder with Waterproof Search Coil TC-800

Price: 180.34

The transflective LCD screen allows you to read data more clearly and give you a better experience.
The use of digital VFLEX technology makes this product a multi-frequency detector.
The detector is fully compatible with low, medium and high frequency.
This product has automatic or manual balance function, tracking function and current tracking balance offset adjustment function. When these functions are used in the detection of wetland and sandy transition zone and hot rock zone, slightly adjusting the balance value to a positive or negative value can show the performance advantage of the detection.
This product has four preset metal detection modes, plus an all-metal detection mode.
The threshold tone is used to more accurately interpret the identity of the detection target.
Double-precision point mode: automatic arrangement. With the help of the product's new arrangement function, users can obtain valuable information, such as various changes in the detection target and graphical indicators, including shape and size.
Target identity stabilization function; when detecting high garbage areas, it can effectively detect multiple garbage areas and obtain accurate and stable detection signals.
The display is equipped with a backlight, so even in a dark environment, the information on the screen can be clearly seen, which saves power and extends battery life.

Material: ABS
Technology: VFLEX
Frequency: 18.75kHz
Coil (standard): 11 inches
Audio output: built-in speaker, 6.35mm (1/4inch) headphone jack
Discrimination: Four factory discrimination modes that can be personalized,
Full metal and iron mask. 28-segment discrimination scale
Audio tones: 1, 2, 3, 4 and more (28)
Ground balance: manual 1 to 90, automatic, beach, tracking and tracking offset
Precise positioning: automatic, size adjustment
Sensitivity adjustment: adjustable (1 to 30)
Tuning noise reduction: 5 channels (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2), manual and automatic
Threshold: adjustable (-5 to 25)
Target volume adjustment: adjustable (0~30)
Batteries: 4 AA alkaline, carbon, lithium or nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium batteries (not included)
Low battery warning: audible and visual warning
Search coil size: 280 * 225mm / 11.0 * 8.9in
Length: 1060mm~1345mm (41.7inch~53inch)
Packing size: 540*240*85mm/21.3*9.4*3.3in
Package weight: 1700g / 3.3lb

Packing list:
1*metal detector host
1 * Handrail
1 * Probe
1 * Adjustable lever
1*S elbow
1 * Search coil

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