7.4 Inch Waterproof Kid Metal Detectors Gold Detector Lightweight Search Coil (24\

Price: 47.69 - 15.76

• Super High Sensitivity :The Metal Detector 1008A has a super high sensitivity that can detect even the smallest traces of metal, making it perfect for finding jewelry and other valuables.

• Long Range Depth :With its long range depth, this metal detector can detect metal objects from a distance, making it ideal for searching large areas.

• Professional Grade :The Metal Detector 1008A is designed for professional use, ensuring that it can handle even the toughest conditions and provide accurate readings every time.

• Easy to Use :This metal detector is easy to use, even for beginners, with its simple interface and intuitive controls.


1. [ Sensitivity] Metal detector with high accuracy and high sensitivity, very suitable for finding coins, relics, concealed jewelry and other metal objects.
2. [Multi Purpose] Widely used in beaches, gardens, forests, lawns or mountains, security inspections, outdoor treasure hunts, children's exploration, etc.
3. [Easy To Assemble] Compact structure, light weight, easy to use, improved arm support, and more ergonomic and comfortable than other equipment.
4. [High Quality Material] Using high quality ABS material, it is sturdy and durable to use, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and has a long service life.
5. [Display Mode] Professional metal detector with LCD mode and sound mode to help you search for all types of metals, perfectly adapting to various situations.

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