10 pairs of 50 pairs of nylon PU safety work gloves repair special gloves palm coated gloves carpenter repair workers supplies

Price: 28.59 - 15.79

Note: Please select the appropriate size, otherwise we will send you the size you purchased. Thanks for understanding!

Name: Breathable PU gloves, work gloves, protective gloves


Nylon fabric, coating (nylon: elastic and soft)
Polyester fabric, lining (polyester fiber: flexibility)

Function: labor protection, maintenance, handling, comfort, non-slip, wear-resistant, anti-work
Color: black
1 Size: S / M / L / XL
2. Very suitable for handling small parts and performing precision work.
3. These gloves are soft and comfortable, with high flexibility.
4. These safety gloves are very suitable for carpenters, parts handling, construction workers, precision work, landscaping work, garbage collectors, assembly workers, etc.

10/20/30pairs of work gloves

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