Half Face Dust Mask Respirator Dust-Proof Work Safety Rubber Mask Cotton Filter For DIY House Clean Carpenter Builder Polishing

Price: 6.62 - 0.54

• Dust-Proof Respirator :This half face dust mask respirator is designed to provide effective protection against dust and particles, making it ideal for construction, carpentry, and polishing tasks.

• High-Quality Material :Crafted from durable rubber and cotton, this respirator ensures longevity and reliable performance in various work environments.

• Efficient Filtering :Equipped with a cotton filter, it ensures to block the intake of harmful substances, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

• Origin Assured Quality :Originating from Mainland China, this respirator guarantees top-notch quality and efficiency, meeting international standards.

• Easy Usage :Designed for easy use, this respirator is perfect for DIY house cleaning and car polishing, making it a versatile tool for different work scenarios.

• Work-Related Safety :Ideal for work-related activities, this respirator provides a vital line of defense against occupational hazards, prioritizing worker safety.

  • Brand New And High Quality

  • Excellent Airtightness Performance:Adopts soft rubber and more fit your face, more comfortable to wear and prevent dust come in effectively

  • 3 Layer protection cotton filters, provide better protection, easy to replace the filter

  • Adjustable head belt, more comfortable and fit most people’s head

  • Can be used forPolishing, Smelting, Constuction, Mining, Factory, Mining, Lab, House Fitment, Daily Haze Protection


1, Use condition: the volume concentration of oxygen in the air is not less than 18% , the ambient temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

2, The mask can not be used for tanks and other closed container work environment, does not apply to gas used for other environments .

3, Check carefully before use it, check whether the components intact, exhalation valve sheet and the suction valve sheet is sealed to the body combination cartridges are close together , canisters cartridge filter is loose.

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