Portable CPR First Aid Kit Life Saving Asphyxia Rescue Training Vac Device Home Outdoor Choking Combo Kits For Adult Children

Price: 42.96 - 8.63

Features:The strong suction will help you suck out the blockage in prime time

The spring design force of the device, even when used alone, does not affect the suction force.

This product is not a medical device, and is only suitable for emergency training of choking.


Color:As pictures


Please note: About the size. ,There may be inconsistency of 1 – 3 cm, which is due to human error. Please refer to our size chart for reference only.2. About the color: The exact color of the item may vary depending on the monitor, lighting settings and conditions. The color on our pictures can only be used as a reference.

This product is not a medical device, and is only suitable for emergency training of choking.

Package List:

Option1:Complete Set include(Without Travel Bag): 1*Check Plunger + 1*Children's mask + 1*Adult mask+1*Instruction

Option2:Complete Set include(With Travel Bag):1*Check Plunger + 1*Children's mask + 1*Adult mask+1*Instruction+Travel Bag



Place the mask over the victim's nose and mouth.


Press and hold the holder&vent valve with your hand so that it forms a good all-around seal on the victim'sface.This allows it to generate strong suction.


Pull back the handle&plunger while securing the mask to the victim's face.This will create suction. lf theobstruction does not come out on the first pull, continue pushing and pulling the handle&plunger withoutremoving the mask from the victim's face until the obstruction is removed.

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