Grade 5 Cut Resistant Gloveswear-resistant, Non-slip, Breathable Safety Protection Cut Resistant Gloves

Price: 10.80 - 4.21

• Cut Resistant Material :These gloves are made from a cut resistant material, ensuring your hands are protected from accidental cuts and scratches during work or DIY projects.

• Non-Slip Feature :The non-slip feature of these gloves provides a firm grip, preventing any slips or accidents during use, enhancing your work efficiency and safety.

• Breathable Design :Despite their robust protective features, these gloves offer excellent breathability, keeping your hands cool and comfortable even during intense tasks.

• Safety Protection :These gloves serve as a vital safety protection tool, shielding your hands from potential hazards and ensuring your safety during work or DIY projects.

• Durable Brand Quality :These gloves are from a durable brand, promising long-lasting use and reliability, making them a worthwhile investment for your safety needs.

Product Information:

  • Product color: gray

    Lining material:HPPE

    Surface effect: palm dipped PU

    Cuff Category: Knit Ribbed

    Product Size: length about 25cm

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY – If your job requires you to handle knives, you need cut resistant gloves for your safety.

  • COMFORTABLE – Dexterous to wear and grip, suitable for both small and large hands. Designed for food preparation or for tasks that require precision

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Great for food preparation, cutting, slicing, peeling, mandolin use, wood carving, oyster shucking, woodworking, gardening, metalworking and more!

  • Note: Although the cut resistant gloves have good protective properties, the cut resistant effect is high (not cut unbreakable) is like a mobile phone anti-scratch film, hard objects scratching on the mobile phone screen film plays a protective role, but does not mean that the anti-scratch film will not be bad. Gloves just play a certain protective role, suitable for general day-to-day protection, please use according to the applicable environment, pay attention to safety! Rigorous following violent test.

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