MD-6250 Metal Detector High Sensitivity Underground yellow Gold Detector Handheld Precise Positioning Hunter search Detector


TIANXUN Professional Metal Detector MD-6250 High Performance Underground gold detector metal finder Metal Detectors pinpoint

Functions : 
Target Identity :The detected objects are shown on the LCD display. 
Unwanted Target Elimination : You can set the detector not to respond to some objects. 
Speaker: Use water-proof loudspeaker. 
Headphone Jack: Provided for headphone connection. Both stereo or mono headphone can be used. 
Volume Control :For adjusting the output volume to the loud speaker or headphone. 
Batteries Condition Indicator : Shows the conditions of the batteries in the battery compartment. 
Adjustable Stem: Lets you adjust the detector's length for comfortable use. The micro-plug that connects the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal which makes the plug more reliable. 

Search Modes:

 All Metal, Jewelry, Custom, Relics,Coins

1. Power: 4 x 1.5V AA 
2. Frequency: 7.09 KHz 
3. Current: Standby: 50mA, Max: 270mA 
4. Voltage: 6V 
5. Sensitivity: US 25/50 Cent: 220mm 
6. Indication Mode: LCD Mode, Sound Mode and All Metal Detectors. 
7. Stretch Length: 42.5-51.2 inches 
8. Color: Yellow 
9. Weight: 1.2kg 
10. Package Size: 55 * 28* 13CM 
11. Package Weight: 1.75kg 
Package includes: 
1PCS Underground Metal Detector 
1PCS User Manual

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