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Coronavirus Brings New Dynamic for Businesses

Coronavirus Brings New Dynamic for Businesses

Coronavirus Dynamic for Businesses


We are a few weeks into the so called ‘lockdown’ and all of us are having to adapt to the changes. Maybe your incoming business is slowing down, maybe it’s just business as usual – either way, when many employees are working remotely, work life is bringing all of us new challenges.

I know what you’re thinking – that’s bad news, right? Actually, it doesn’t have to be. Amidst all the negativity we’re seeing and experiencing everyday due to this pandemic, there is the possibility to realise that the best way to deal with a ‘bad’ change, is to see it as an opportunity.

The change of pace

This new dynamic means that for many businesses they now have time to do the things that they do not normally get to do. This might include internally auditing your procedures, creating marketing material or that data cleanse that’s been on your to do list forever. In addition, we have found that for lots of our clients this time is being use to nurture their team’s professional development.

Ordinarily, employees often report feeling undertrained. Really, this is no wonder when you’re working in a busy office with a raging to do list, your focus shifts from here, there and everywhere. It usually feels like there’s no time for something as simple as an online training module!

However, with workloads thinning out, now might be the time to focus on training for your team. In addition, training is something that’s beneficial to an individual’s development, which is ultimately good for the business.

Arising Opportunities

What’s more, more businesses are having to furlough some, or all, of their employees. Whilst they aren’t allowed to do any work, furloughed employees are still allowed to take part in training activities. This is a bonus for them and their personal development, but also means that they remain engaged with the company during this period.

Our online training modules are designed for engaging and informing, and are a great insight into the world of ISO. They are perfect if you are a beginner, or if you have a management system already in place, the modules are great for refresher training. Either way, our online modules are simple to understand, meaning you don’t need any prior knowledge of ISO, and they’re applicable to any business and any industry.

Click here to be taken to our online training modules.

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