3 pairs Ultra-Thin Work Gloves High Performance Knit Wrist Cuff Firm Non-Slip Grip Touchscreen Durable&Breathable For Men&Women

Price: 4.46 - 0.54

Model: PU518


ANSI Cut Resistance Level:A5

ANSI Abrasion Resistance Level:4

ANSI Puncture Resistance Level:2


Lining: Polyester

Coating: PU


Coating color: Gray

Coating range: palm immersion

Palm type: light

Number of stitches: 13 stitches

Sleeves: Knitted nylon

Type: Double stitch knit


(1) Thin coating, good grip, can achieve flexible handling

(2) Maintenance and repair operations

(3) Handling, assembly, and sorting of medium-sized parts and materials (4) Transportation, reception, and packaging

Reason for purchase:

(1) Double stitch weaving structure increases comfort and transparency

(2) The lining has medium level anti cutting protection and provides excellent flexibility, tactile sensitivity, and cutting resistance

(3) The palm and fingertips coated with polyurethane (PU) have strong wear resistance and anti-static function, and excellent puncture ability Dry/slightly oily grip capacity

(4) Gray clay is more resistant to dirt

Size: S-XXL

Packaging: 1 pair/pair

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