High Quality Unisex Indestructible Shoes Men and Women Steel Toe Cap Work Safety Shoes Puncture-Proof Boots Non Slip Sneakers

Price: 47.26 - 15.65

• Steel Bicycles :The shoes are made of steel, making them durable and long-lasting.

• Puncture Boots :The shoes have a puncture-resistant design that can withstand sharp objects and prevent injuries.

• Non-Slip Shoes :The shoes have a non-slip sole that provides excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

• High Quality :The shoes are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of safety and comfort.

How to choose the right size:
Dear friend
Welcome to work shoes. The safety shoes sold in the store are of standard size. If you follow the instructions, you won’t buy a work shoes with the wrong size.
Please measure the length (cm) of your barefoot accurately. Follow the instructions on the form to choose the size you want to buy.
Please measure the length of your foot according to the method in the picture below.
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will answer them for you.

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