10pcs 6*38MM Loto Safety Padlocks with Nylon Dustproof Lock Cover and Base for Industrial Safety Warning BD-G01DP

Price: 34.14 - 27.65

Purchase two or more items, you can contact customer service to request the type of master key. If you do not contact, the default is to send the master keys can open all locks,not just five or ten locks within the group.

We are a Chinese manufacturer of lockout tagout lock devices.

If you need further lock management requirements, please contact our customer service.

  • Safety Padlocks

  1. Keyed differ,keyed alike,differ&master key,alike&master key,If you need a custom master key, please contact us.

  2. Safety Padlock has key retaining feature,and key cannot be pulled out in open state, in order to prevent the key from being lost.

  3. Comply with OSHA standard: 1 employee = 1 padlock = 1 key.

  4. The lock body and key can print same code, which is convenient for management.

  • About Key Management

  1. Safety Padlock are divided into Steel shackle padlock, Nylon shackle padlock, Stainless steel shackle padlock,Aluminum shackle padlock and Micro small padlock, we have developed and designed each series of padlock with the function of Auto-pop function shackle , and ensure the key retaining.

  2. The padlock adopts reinforced nylon one-piece injection-molded lock shell, which is resistant to temperature difference (-20°–+177°), impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

  3. There are 10 standard colors to choose from: red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, orange, purple, brown, gray. Can meet the classification of safety management. Various colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

  4. Padlock cylinder is made of zinc alloy , which can be made of copper, stainless steel and other materials, and the auto popup lock shackle also can be customized. Zinc alloy cylinder is 12-14 pins , it can realize that more than 100,000pcs padlocks do not open each other.Copper cylinder is 6 pins , it can realize that more than 60,000pcs padlocks do not open each other.

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